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To all my clients THANK YOU

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This month has been great and I know to all my clients that trains with me 2,3,4 times a week and now after all that hard work time to work harder than ever I challenge each of you come up with a workout that kicks each others ass the best work out will be a boot camp hall of fame workout!

Outstanding Job this month to Amanda, Diana, Annie, Tamie, Roxann, William “boot camp killer”, John “the rowing standard”, Zana, Marg, Todd “let me walk”, Ann “boot camp soldier”, and to all the people that suffered through my training sessions thank you cursing me and remember what does not kill you makes you stronger till the next day kills you!! Rest up a new month is coming!!!!!

Why we love fighting

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It’s simple. I think everyone wants to be a bad ass and able to hold their own in any fight put up against you and this is always true in everyones life. One way or another you will be in a fight in your life.

The best thing about fighting is there is one winner and one loser and it is up to you to decide what you are going to be!  Fighting crohns is the biggest fight I could ever be in. People will never understand how hard my life can be day in and day out. My disease is one of stress and surprise. Stress is my main trigger and then surprise… after 3 yrs, my first major flare up. To think, after all, I beat crohns is funny.. you really have to laugh. Just think that I want to fight a disease that has no cure and affects both mind and body in ways that 99 percent of the people in the world would never wish. It’s their worst enemy; Lets face it, you have to suffer a long time with crohns disease and deal with depression and pain.

So, why do we love fighting? Because in the in, you win or lose, and there are no excuses. So shut up and train. I work 6 days a week and train 6 days a week. Do I want to work less and train less? Fuck yeah, but really, this is what I have to do.. To Fight Crohns. When I train 4 days a week, I only work out 2-3 times at about a level 5 but when I work out 6 days a week I have about 8-12 work outs at level 8-10 that I have to do with or demo a workout for them. What is on the post is how I train my people. If you don’t like it, then don’t do it. I want people that will do what the say they will do and the rest, I will take care of. My clients know that they will be pushed and expect to get results. As of today, I finished with over ten thousand dollars in new business and I was the top trainer in DFW; And really, I don’t care the fact that I now have a new squad of clients in my second month at this gym. It shows that being different and training different works any where and that it is not about the money.. it is about what people know they are going to get in return. Do I think I am the top trainer? Fuck no and the only opponent that can defeat me in a fight is myself! I train too damn hard for too damn long to know myself in intense situations. I rise above when it is all on the line. I have been ready to die along time ago, so pain and death don’t scare me. What is scary is that to live with crohns, the average person has to take 16-50+ medications a day to maintain a quality of life. I urge all people to educate themselves about crohns disease and talk to me about how to help. FightCrohns!

7/31/08 workout of the day

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21 15 9 thrusters and pull ups

Fighting Hurts

5 mins of kicks punches elbows knees head butts (if necessary ) 3 rounds


push ups and squats

Great job to Annie and Diana with a time of 3:32 , 3:45 in the 50/50

7/30/08 workout of the day

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run 400 meter

30 squats

row 500 meter

repeat twice

30 jumping pull ups

30 jumping jacks

30 dips

30 pushups

Cardio of the day

2 miles cross trainer

Kick boxing skill of the day

double kick with 1,2 elbow

Boxing and how to get started!

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Buy your self hand wraps 108-180 inches in length the more inches the more protection. Buy gloves nothing to cheap in the range of $20-$50 dollars and finally a mouth piece if you want to spar.

Then time to go to work: jumping rope, push ups, crunches, shadow boxing, etc. But the most important thing is to get a good trainer/coach that will make you get goals that you never thought were possible.

My workout is

jump rope 3x 2min rounds with a 30sec break

heavy bag 10x 3min rounds with a 30 sec break

Focus Mitts 3 3min rounds 30sec break

PR for Workouts by coach

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Fran w/20lbs dumbbells= 3:45.5

Jackpot 7= 3:30.7

50 push ups = 52sec

100 push ups=none

800 meter run x trainer 4:12

500 meter row 1:59

1000 meter row =none

1500 meter row=none

2000 meter row =none


7/29/08 workout of the day

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Tuesday’s RX

Thrusters with Med Ball 15x

squats 15x

Push ups 15x

10 min max rounds

cardio of the day

1500 meter row

800 meter on the elliptical

5 rounds 3min w/ 1min rest boxing

7/28/08 workout of the day

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Pushups      Sit ups      squats     med ball thrusters      jumping rope

One min. each with no rest after the 5 stations are complete   2 min rest

repeat two more times

Good Luck