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What is the plan man????????

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THE PLAN starting a personal training service that markets only to women, group training, cross training in a in a system where routine is the enemy and results are made.  I will be also a father again so my time now with 2 kids is really on a schedule.  Am I going to keep teaching boxing at my current job yes or I hope so.  This is were I know I can be better on my own than working for a corporation, reason being is I have always made my living to the standards of my lifestyle and now my lifestyle is very expensive and my pay checks and the people I am training are going down.  What justifies me starting my own training company, 5 clients have told me in the last 60 day, “we want to keep training but the monthly costs are to much”.  I do agree PT payment that are 400 to 999 dollars a month for 8 to 12 sessions and from the day you sign up to exactly 4 months later the balance will be paid in full.

My thinking as a advanced CPT I want clients that are with me for at least a year and change lives to teach and build how one person that IS YOU can change everything about how you train.  The reason I say I only train women is simple THEY TRAIN HARDER!!  Training for as long as I have and having clients both men and women I can honestly say women are mote consitent and goal oriented in there fitness training.  Men when training for sport are commited to goals and conditioning.  HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE  Fitness and Sport and why not both?

Fitness as sport and Sport as fitness ????   I don’t get it?  Me nether!! But wait what if there is something to this?

How hard I work is measured in output format that I know where on the spectrim of elite and non elite athletics I fall.  How is this mesured? In a time based training system that can be scalible and measureable.  One workout once a day and open training packages that can be easily affordable simple fitness concept.  What I want to this to lead to is a training gym that is a place I can call my second home and have my family and friends very much apart of it.

What am I doing right now is I am having a client go over some price sheets and some marketing names, then with in a month of finalizing the price sheets and a name.  I hope that the five clients that I have willl stay with me and invest in me and my time.  My goal is 20 clients in 40 days and training full time.


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Fighting is easy when you do it everyday. J G

How can you fight some thing you can’t beat?

Fight Every Day

Fight 4 Everything!

So no more sledgehammer the boss says!!

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In the face of all adversity We Will Rise!

Today is the first and last day all clients can use the sledgehammer!!!!!!! I did 150 on the tire in the Alley of Death and then did 5 rounds of 15 sledgehammers on the heavy bag in the Globo Gym , 10 push ups, 10 one arm 20lb shoulder thrusts.