My Story

I am a certified personal trainer, conditioning coach and USA Boxing Coach. I specialize in Boxing and metabolic training. So what the hell is metabolic training, it is simply the fastest way to reach you to your goals as a client seeking to lose that last 10-20 lbs. . Big thanks to Team DRIPP, Big E, SIOB Records, FightCrohns, and to all my clients and all your hard work day in and day out!!

My story starts in 2001 in a doctor office with the words ” You have Crohn’s Diease”. I will remember the next four words the doctor said more than the first four words”There is no cure!”. That day I started fighting not always winning but fighting. 2002 2003 2004 all were years I had surgery. After my last surgery Iweighed 117lbs

FightCrohns began with me at home thinking how I would overcome the impossible, cure myself of Crohn’s disease. FightCrohns is nothing more than my fight and my inspiration to others fighting against the impossible odds of Crohns.

How do I fight crohns I first take no meds and that is my own choice just because I know my body and the meds were not doing me any good. I use fitness as my medicine and rock climbing, boxing, MMA as my therapy. I want to encourage everyone with IBD, crohns or colitis seek out great doctors you will need it.

I work every day to be better than the day before. Does it always work hell no and most days I just try and get though the day. I do always put in 1-2 workouts of the day in and push myself to be the best I can be day by day. Crohns can make your life a living hell just ask any one with crohns. I came to the fact in 2004 that life was going to be over as knew it. I was in fact ready to die. My life was a living hell and the pain was overwhelming I would pass out in my van at work and throw up so much out my van window the stomach acid messed up the paint on the door. I had 100 percent blockage at the were the small intestines meets the large intestines. After 3 weeks in the hospital and having my third surgery in as many years. I was one my way to do one thing, never get like that every again to fight back every day and always a never forget that things today are not promised but earned with hard work.

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  1. Hi Joey. I love the website, and it was great to hear your story. Even though I’ve been sore for the past few weeks from your workouts, I love boot camp! It’s the best!

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